Telemedicine is Taking Center Stage Now!

Telemedicine is in demand now more than ever. Learn how to practice telemedicine from leading experts from AmWell, Teleradiology, NYU Langone, Anthem, Teledentist, and more when you register for our online course.
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  • Lecture Series

    Master Clinicians mentors teach high yield topics and share practical information you can use at your practice the next day. These one hour CME audio lectures with video slides are organized to allow you to learn at your pace and are designed for the MD, PA, & NP seeking master level CME training courses.

  • Conference On-Demand

    A collection of our online lectures bundled together. We gather the best experts to provide clinicians with unique access to industry leading insight in these emerging fields. Choose from our Urgent Care, Telemedicine, Women’s Health and more. It’s more value and more CME combined together.

  • Mastery Series

    Our mastery level procedural and skills workshop video lectures are taught by some of our best Master Clinicians Mentors. These 1-2 hour CME courses are hyper-focused on the knowledge, skill, and art of medicine. To obtain mastery of any procedural skill, you need to learn multiple techniques and know all the variations of common presentations.

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Event Plus

Enhance your Live Event Experience! All conference and workshop course materials are stored here for our attendees, making it easily accessible by laptop, tablet or phone.Includes pdf's of the conference or workshop course material, pre/post course materials, tests & quizzes, relevant videos, and post course evaluation forms.Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs