A CME course created for the new Urgent Care Physician, PA and NP that is just starting out, or for those clinicians who need a refresher to lower medical error and risk.

Learn to catch the clinical time bombs and subtle deadly findings for patients that walk into your primary care, urgent care or emergency department. In our "Can't Miss Urgent Diagnoses" Conference, you will learn to identify crucial findings in orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary, EKG, X-rays, urology, and more. The comprehensive course bundle is worth 10 CME credits.

  • Urgent Care & Emergency Medicine

    Understanding which cases require emergent intervention or need urgent referrals can reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Learn from top experts from Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Northwell, Mount Sinai, CityMD, and more, and never miss anything clinically significant.

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

    This CME course combines video podcasts and audio/video slide recordings. We understand that education takes time - so complete the course at your own pace and refer back to our material for review anytime. Each of the 10 courses in this bundle lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour in length for a total of 10 CME hours

  • Pre/Post Test & CME certificate

    Answer the pre/post test along with the evaluation form after completion of the course to generate your CME certificate. This course is approved for 10 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits by EB Medicine.

A Comprehensive Curriculum to Lower Medical Error and Risk

1- Can't Miss Diagnoses with Common Presentations 

InstructorDr. Gino Farina (Emergency Medicine-Northwell) 

When do common presentations like sore throat, back pain, rash, abdominal and chest discomfort become true emergencies? Learn to identify and recognize ACS, PE, aortic dissection, spinal epidural abscesses, necrotizing fasciitis, retro pharyngeal abscess, appendicitis and Lemiere's syndrome in patients presenting with common symptoms. 

2. Can't Miss EKG Findings

Instructor: Dr. Gino Farina (Emergency Medicine-Northwell) 

Before sending the patient home with chest discomfort or syncope with that normal EKG, take a second look and make sure there aren't any life threatening patterns. Learn to recognize and never miss Brugada Syndrome, STEMI equivalents, prolonged QT, Wellen's, WPW, DeWinter's & more.

3. Can't Miss Orthopedics Part 1

Instructor: Dr. Melissa Leber (Emergency Medicine & Sports Medicine-Mount Sinai) 

Patients often present to the clinic with common orthopedic injuries from daily activities and sports. Not all injuries are obvious on X-rays and a delay in care, inappropriate treatment or failure to diagnose can lead to deformities and poor outcome. Learn to recognize and manage Achilles tendon rupture, Maisonneuve fractures, LisFranc fractures, central slip ruptures, solar plate rupture, tibial plateau fractures and more in part 1 of 2 lectures.

4. Can't Miss Orthopedics Part 2

Instructor: Dr. Melissa Leber (Emergency Medicine & Sports Medicine-Mount Sinai) 

Part 2 of the can't miss ortho lectures covers more common orthopedic and sports related injuries. Learn  to recognize and manage scapholunate ligament tears, bicep tears, calcific tendonitis, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), labral tears, hamstring tears, navicular stress fractures and more. Learn when slings and knee immobilizers are indicated and when they are actually harmful.

5. Evaluation of the Dyspneic Patient

Instructor: Dr. Mohammed Rashid (Emergency Medicine-Johns Hopkins)

What are the appropriate initial steps when evaluating a dyspneic patient? What do stridor, wheezing or rhonci sound like? What are the immediate steps to take if you encounter patients with angioedema, anaphylaxis, PE, hemoptysis, or COPD exacerbation? 

6. Can't Miss Chest Pain Part 1 

Instructors: Dr. Daniel Ambinder, Dr. Carine Hamo, Dr. Amit Goyal (Cardiology-Johns Hopkins/Cleveland Clinic)

Learn how to evaluate and manage patients presenting with various chest pain symptoms. What are the initial steps to take? What symptoms are suggestive of ischemic vs non-ischemic etiology? Enjoy this engaging presentation from this cardiology trio of friends (aka CardioNerds) as they go over various case presentations. 

7. Can't Miss Chest Pain Part 2 

Instructors: Dr. Daniel Ambinder, Dr. Carine Hamo, Dr. Amit Goyal (Cardiology-Johns Hopkins/Cleveland Clinic)

In part 2 of the chest pain series, the CardioNerds trio go over multiple chest pain cases and associated EKG changes found in classic STEMI and atypical STEMI equivalents.

8. Can't Miss Urology Part 1

Instructor: Dr. Jared Cohen (Urology-Cleveland Clinic)

Learn to think like a surgeon when evaluating scrotal pain and other urologic urgencies. What is the most common cause of child scrotal pain? How do you identify and manage adults presenting with symptoms consistent with testicular torsion, Fourneier's gangrene, epididymitis, hydrocele, hernia or testicular cancer?

9. Can't Miss Urology Part 2

Instructor: Dr. Jared Cohen (Urology-Cleveland Clinic)

Part 2 of this urology series covers other urologic urgent and emergent diagnosis including renal colic, penile pain, phimosis/paraphymosis, priapism, urinary retention, erectile complaint and the difficult catheterization patient. Whom can you send home, or manage, and who needs the ER/surgeon?

10. BONUS Podcast Series: Can't Miss X-rays in Urgent Care

Instructor: Dr. David Cohen (Radiology-Experity Teleradiology) & Dr. Frank Illuzzi (Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care Medicine-CityMD)

Enjoy our video podcast which reviews some common "can't miss" chest  X-ray findings in the urgent care. What are the most common initial COVID-19 X-ray findings? What subtle X-ray findings in the elbow, knee, foot and elbow can't be missed?

Can't Miss Urgent Diagnoses Conference On-Demand

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Some of our Master Clinicians Mentors

Master the Art of Medicine by Learning from the Best!

Gino Farina, MD, FACEP

Professor of Emergency Medicine and Science Education Assistant Dean for Clinical Preparation for Residency at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Dr. Gino Farina is board certified in Emergency Medicine, and is currently a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Science Education, and the Assistant Dean for Clinical Preparation for Residency at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell in Long Island, New York. At Zucker he is core faculty in the communications, physical diagnosis, electrocardiography and clinical reasoning curriculum. As core faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center at Northwell, Dr. Farina served as the Associate Residency Program Director for seven years and Program Director for sixteen years, helping to turn hundreds of emergency medicine residents into board-certified ER physicians now practicing across the nation. Dr. Farina's academic Interests include medical education, research and assessment, medical Spanish, and global health in Latin American countries. He is actively involved in global health initiatives and in training sessions for medical providers in Mexico, Peru and now Ecuador, where, with a group of other physicians from Northwell, he will soon be teaching basic emergency medicine skills – including radiographic interpretation, electrocardiography, the approach to common conditions and clinical reasoning – to recent medical school graduates. Dr. Farina will be sharing his art of electrocardiogram and X-ray interpretation during Master Clinicians courses.

Melissa Leber, MD, FACEP

Director of Emergency Department Sports Medicine Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital System

Dr. Leber is board certified in both Sports Medicine and Emergency Medicine. She is an Assistant Professor of Orthopedics and Emergency Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Director of Emergency Department Sports Medicine. After completing her emergency medicine residency, Dr. Leber did her fellowship in sports medicine in Pittsburgh, PA. While there, she worked with professional athletes, including the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB), USA Rugby and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USLPRO – Soccer) and served as team physician at various Pittsburgh colleges and high schools. Since fellowship, Dr. Leber has been a Player Physician at the US Open and become an Airway Management Physician and Visiting Team Medical Liaison (VTML) for the NY Jets. She works as a finish line physician for the ING – New York City Marathon, Half Marathon and Triathlon, during which with her combined expertise in emergency medicine and sports medicine treats a wide range of sports medicine conditions. As an Assistant Professor in two medical specialties, Dr. Leber is involved in the education of the next generation of medical professionals, teaching medical students, residents and fellows the art of emergency medicine and orthopaedics. She lectures both regionally and nationally regarding orthopedic care in the emergency department.

Frank Illuzzi, MD, FACEP

Emergency Medicine Physician Chief Medical Officer CityMD Urgent Care

Dr. Frank Illuzzi is a practicing board-certified Physician in Emergency Medicine, and is currently the Chief Medical Officer at CityMD, a regional urgent care group with 120 locations throughout the New York City metro area. Prior to joining CityMD, Dr. Illuzzi was the Chairman of Emergency Medicine at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT, and held an academic appointment as Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Frank Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. During his tenure in hospital based care he served in numerous clinical, academic, and leadership roles. Dr. Illuzzi has published articles and textbook chapters in his various areas of academic interest, with his current focus on population health issues, specifically Public Health Screenings such as Tobacco cessation intervention, Hypertension awareness, Pediatric asthma, and Diabetes screening in alternative settings like the ER and the Urgent Care clinic. He is also a sought after lecturer for national medical conferences on topics that include: Quality and Patient Safety, Antibiotic Stewardship, Physician Leadership, Patient Throughput and Workflow, and Delivering on the Patient Experience. Dr. Illuzzi was born in Brooklyn, NY. He received a bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame and his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine. He completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at Long Island Jewish/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he received the honor of Chief Resident. He completed a fellowship with AHA/NPSF in Patient Safety Leadership in 2009. Dr. Illuzzi currently resides in Fairfield, CT, with his lovely wife, Laura, and two beautiful daughters, Julia and Cecilia. His interests include jazz music, gardening, fishing, and glass-blowing.

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Can't Miss Urgent Diagnoses Conference on-Demand

10 topics for 10 CME credits. Lifetime access granted.**10% proceeds go to charity. Details below.**

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