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A Master Clinicians Medical Education Podcast hosted by, Dr. Frank Illuzzi. Join us every 2 weeks as a master clinician guest is invited to share some tips and tricks of the trade and teach the art of medicine.

On this episode

Dr. Frank Illuzzi is joined by Dr. Hong Choi (Director of Physician Academy at CityMD) as they discuss difficult patient encounters. Whether a patient is upset from a previous visit, or is seeking opioids, or demands antibiotics for viral illnesses, you need to be armed with tips to improve the patient experience and ensure they adhere to treatment plans. 

Part 2 of 2 in this series 

This is a 35 minute video podcast that reviews common urgent care issues and important problems related to patient experience, with techniques and methods to improve the patient experience. You will learn,

  • Ways to make a positive first impression upon entry into the patient room;
  • How to connect with the patient during the course of the visit;
  • To educate and empower the patient on the treatment plan in ways that the patient will understand; and
  • Exit the encounter in a positive manner similar to the entrance.

MC Video Podcast Series: Patient Experience (Part 2)

0.5 CME credits

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Can't Miss Xray findings in Urgent Care

Rhonda Davis

Great helping ID subtle and COVID findings. Thx

Great helping ID subtle and COVID findings. Thx

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Xray series is so helpful!

juliane everest



Thank you!

Thank you!

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