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On this episode

Join Dr. Frank Illuzzi (CityMD) and Dr. David Cohen (Chief Medical Officer of Experity Teleradiology ) as they discuss common Can’t Miss X-ray's!

Part 1 of 2 in this series 

This is a 30 minute video podcast that reviews several chest x-rays from urgent cases. You will learn,

  • Proper and systematic approach in reviewing a chest x-ray
  • Common x-ray findings for COVID-19 patients
  • To identify subtle but dangerous findings on chest x-rays.

Free Preview Below

MC Video Podcast Series: Can't Miss Urgent Care X-Rays Part 1 (Chest X-Rays)

0.5 CME credits. **Please note, this free lecture is also part of the "Can't Miss Urgent Diagnoses" Conference On-Demand course**

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Can't Miss Xray findings in Urgent Care

Rhonda Davis

Great helping ID subtle and COVID findings. Thx

Great helping ID subtle and COVID findings. Thx

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Xray series is so helpful!

juliane everest



Thank you!

Thank you!

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